How Much Does Pressure Cleaning Cost

How Much Does Pressure Cleaning Cost?

High-pressure cleaning is the most cost effective way of cleaning a larger outdoor surfaces. Most hire shops have a pressure washer available for rent, however, even though doing it yourself might potentially save you money, hiring a professional has several advantages most of all the reduced risk of damage to your property which might be unrepairable.

Generally using Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning will cost you anywhere from $200-$400 for 60-100 square meters. However this price is variable depending on many factors. Jetstream Pressure Cleaning pride themselves on affordable pressure cleaning.

Should You Hire a Professional? 

One advantage of hiring a professional is that you don’t need to spend what could be around $250 a day for a basic machine that inadequate compared to the professional equipment Jetstream Pressure Cleaning use. You will also save yourself several hours cleaning a smaller area due to the relative inefficiency of equipment or attachments that are available at local hire shops.

Pressure Cleaning on the Gold Coast is a deceivingly tricky task, experience and skills matter despite what most people assume. Often varying surfaces will require very different chemicals, different temperature, and different nozzles attached to the lances of the equipment. That’s why what may work for a concrete driveway isn’t going to work for limestone, or a rendered wall, or your roof tiles. Professionals don’t just use the proper technique but also have powerful equipment that isn’t otherwise available at the local rental shop.

Where the experience can also prevail is with professionals knowing and using particular cleaning agents addition to water pressure. The choice of cleaning products generally makes a big difference to the overall end result however using the wrong product will generally mean damage to the environment.

What Equipment Is Used?

Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning will use a number of items to get the job done correctly. The equipment of choice will depend on the area in question, the surface type, the type of driveway and what needs to be removed from the surface. 

How Much Does Pressure Cleaning Cost?

Usually, professionals will charge by the square meter or per job depending on a number of different factors including water pressure, surface type and degree of cleaning required. with varying charges for different surfaces.

The cost associated with pressure cleaning can often be confusing as we may charge as much to clean 70 square meters of space to do 110 square meters. That’s because they factor travel, setup times, drainage and so on into the cost. Larger jobs will often be cheaper, usually costing around:

  • 70-100 square metres usually costs around $200 – $400

  • You can expect to pay $500 for up to 150 square metres

  • 50 square metres may set you back $150

As mentioned earlier, the price also depends on the area that needs to be cleaned:

  • Pressure washing a patio area is $150 on average.

  • Driveways are generally $200

  • The exterior walls of a home can range from $400 – $800

Gold Coast Roof Pressure Cleaning prices vary depending on its size and pitch. High pressure cleaning will start between $2.50 – $3.5 per square. Hourly charges also can be used for pressure washing roofing which will generally start at around $85 per hour.


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Home Transformation

These customer had around 1000 square metres of concrete surrounding the house and pool area that had never been pressure cleaned and was too big a job for the home owner to complete. Jetstream Pressure Cleaning was able to complete the job and complete change the brightness and appearance of the whole property.

Fence Pressure Cleaning

Large fences around peoples home are now common to bring that privacy and security back to your home, however it is extremely common for these rendered walls to become unsightly with mould and completely bring down the look of the overall property. 

Pressure Cleaning Fence Treatment:

With the right chemical treatment and pressure spectacular results can be achieved. Whether its just for your own satisfaction or if you are looking to rent or sell your property call Jetstream Pressure Cleaning to come take a look at the fence and give you a free quote to make it look new again.

Jetstream Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast offer a wide variety of services to either increase the look or value of your property. Call Tim for your pressure cleaning needs.

Driveway Pressure Cleaning

Probably our most common jobs is Driveway Pressure Cleaning. Having your driveway pressure cleaned by a professional is generally inexpensive, provides drastic results and dramatically enhance the visual street appeal of your property. 

We pressure cleaned this Oxenford driveway and the results were amazing. The client could not believe the end result and prior to our work through the driveway was too far gone to look good again and would need to be replaced. For the cost of $200 we saved this customer thousands of dollars to redo his driveway.

Contact Jetstream Pressure Cleaning team for booking.

Surfers Paradise Pressure Cleaning

Jetstream Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast was engaged to recently complete another entry driveway for a Surfers Paradise Apartment Block. The driveway had been neglected for sometime and definitely needed some driveway pressure cleaning to give it some more street appeal.

You can see in the image the difference where we on purpose made some stripes which highlight how much a difference pressure cleaning a driveway can make.

Pathway Pressure Cleaning

Jetstream Pressure Cleaning on the Gold Coast recently donated some time to Elanora State Primary School to clean the front entrance to the school. Elanora recently completed the building of a shelter for the pick up area for the kids to have cover from the elements and Jetstream Pressure Cleaning wanted to done their expertise to clean the pathway from the undercover area back to cross to complement the new shelter.

It was our pleasure to give back to the Elanora State Primary School.

Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis Court Cleaning for Surfers Paradise State School:

Jetstream Pressure Cleaning recently completed a makeover the multipurpose Tennis, Basketball and handball courts for the Surfers Paradise State School. The courts had become slippery and dangerous when wet so some TLC was needed.

We started with a chemical treatment to help loosen the heavy mould up which included a heavy duty ecofriendly degreaser to help remove the dirt and grime. We then used a high pressure surface cleaner lift the staining and then a high pressure rinse to remove all the loose debris. The kids now have a much more appealing, friendly and safer place to play during their breaks. 

Jetstream Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast is proud to work with a number of schools to help with their pressure cleaning needs. Contact us today for getting tennis court cleaning service.

Pressure Washing 101

Pressure Washer Gold Coast, How It Works

Pressure Washing Gold Coast is very reputed on the Gold Coast, QLD which a famous location in Australia. It is fantastic to work on the Gold Coast and we love transforming homes and businesses using our pressure washing services. High-pressure washer cleaning provided removal of dirt, grime, mould and other hard to remove substances.

In the next sections, there is a short description of the working of the high-pressure washer. And how extent a high-pressure cleaner work to clean the property at your home, office, or any other place.

Jetstream Pressure Washer Cleaner Gold Coast

You have already tried the chemicals, soap, detergents, and many other substances to clean jobs. But pressure washer cleaner Gold Coast work above all and work differentially. Following are the working principles for the pressure washer cleaners:

  • Electric Motor or Gas Engine

The most important parts of the pressure washer cleaner are the electric motor and the gas engine. These two factors are making the critical two types of a pressure washer. An electric pressure washer cleans the surfaces by using the electricity is quieter, simple to run & use and generally more affordable. While a petrol engine pressure washer work by using petrol and creates a much high pressure but are extremely loud, require petrol to run and due to the pressure it creates needs to be handled with care.

  • Water Inlet

The water inlet is a device in the pressure washer cleaner where the water is supplied with high pressure by using a host, and in this way, all of the dust, dirt, and grime are removed with very high demand.

  • Water Pump

The water pump is another essential part of the high-pressure washer cleaner, which is used for driving the motor at very high speed, and it is called a water pressure jet for this purpose. This pump is designed so that it can handle the water in 15-25LP.

  • Hose

A higher pressure hose is another fantastic part of a pressure washer cleaner that works on the principle of a tube where water is added to create the pressure. The hose is made of durable plastic to drive more and more demand.

  • Cleaning Attachment

Using a cleaning attachment which can be a wand or surface cleaner is what used to help distribute the pressure and depending on the surface and cleaning requirement. All of the waste such as the paint, dust, dirt, grime, and mold added here after the removal of these and cleaning the surfaces.

Final Views

The article is about the basic working principle of Pressure Washer Gold Coast. All of the essential parts and their work has been described. To start, it is using electricity or gas, and then it creates high pressure to clean the property and the surface of your desired job. It is how a pressure Gold Coast washer works. If you have any questions more, feel free to ask any time because we are here for every time to serve you.

Why Choose Jetstream Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaners Gold Coast, QLD

The article is about Jetstream Pressure cleaners on the Gold Coast, QLD. It is one of the most significant opportunities for the people of this region, and it is about to make your property new, clean, and shining again, just like as it is unique. We are here to serve you in different ways according to your needs and times. We offer these services not only in your home but at commercial places as well at reasonable prices. It is one of the best and the cost-effective solutions by Jetstream Pressure Cleaning for your property so that you may able to restore your property’s shine and cleanings.

The best and top priority for us is the customer’s satisfaction by providing the top solutions for removal of dust, dirt & mold by using a high-pressure washer on the Gold Coast. These pressures remove the dirt, mould, paint on hard and tough surfaces where it is unable for you to remove this substance in your daily life. Pressure washers eliminate the dust, dirt, grime, mold, and yeast quickly form every hard and sturdy surface.

In the next sections, there are guidelines for you as to why you should choose and use our services even there are a lot of other businesses that offer this service.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Following are the reasons why you should choose Jetstream Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast and use our fantastic and fabulous services:

  • Commercial Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

High Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast is cleaning the commercial surfaces as well as using less electricity, less water, and more pressure. In this way, it is straight forward to clean a surface regarding your purpose of the cleaning and make your property and surfaces as shining and very excellent to use for next time.

  • Domestic Pressure Cleaning Gold Coast

Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning not only provides its services to the biggest commercial places, but as well as beautiful Gold Coast homes. It gives the surfaces in your residential property clean, sanitised, revitalised and above all to protect your property.

  • Paver Cleaning Gold Coast

Are you worried about slipping on the path in your home because of mould? Jetstream Pressure Washing Gold Coast provides excellent service in case of cleaning pavers.

  • Reasonable Price

Reasonable price and the wonderful service we provide is our motivation.

Final Verdicts

The article is about the Gold Coast Pressure Cleaner, which is a top platform on the Gold Coast, QLD. It provides pressure washing services at affordable pricing.

Jetstream Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning Services

Jetstream Pressure Cleaners

Are you in search of a device that is best to remove dust, dirt, grime, mold, or any debris at your home? Good, you are in the right place. Jetstream Pressure Cleaning is one of the top, and best Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning Companies. platforms at Gold Coast, QLD. We are a qualified, insured team of pressure washers. The article is about the short descriptions for whom we are and what we are doing best for you. We provide pressure cleaning services around the Gold Coast by using our versatile device and the team of experts. We are specialized for the high-pressure cleaning for all types of surfaces at your home, office, or any other place of you.

Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning Services:

Following are the services we provide you by using the Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning:

· House Washing Gold Coast

Are you reluctant to clean the house because of dust, dirt, and mold, etc. which do not remove how much you try for it? So, in these times, we are with you on the Gold Coast. The pressure cleaners are for the cleaning of your roof, bricks, paths, driveways, fences, offices, and all of the things you need to clean at your home or office to make it clean and beautiful.

· Commercial Pressure Cleaning 

It is another advantage of our services that we provide the pressure cleaning services not just at your home but at your office, industry, or any other commercial place where you live and work.

· Concrete Sealing 

One of the most significant drawbacks of the concrete sealing is that there may be damage to the concrete sealing because of the unknowing dust and the dirt. So, in this case, with a concrete washing and concrete sealing package we eliminate that risk. Once it is sealed you generally will generally get around 3 years of the driveway looking as good as it did day 1. It may require the odd spot removal or low pressure wash but all in the all the maintenance is going to be very minimial.

· Tennis Court Cleaning

Another important and attractive service that we provide is that we not only offer the cleaning for your home, but we also care for your outdoor entertainment or fitness areas. The pressure washers that we use easily clean the tennis court and have you ready to be back on court hitting it like Federer. (hitting like Federer is not promised)

Final Verdicts

The article is about the best services that we are providing for you that is about the pressure cleaners on the Gold Coast. If you are in search of using our services, please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your needs and provide you a quote.

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